Racquet Sports

Game, Set, Match… Every Tennis Lover's Dream!


Ten clay courts, five hard courts, night lighting and a Pro Shop run by USTA Professionals make Worthington Hills a tennis lover's dream.  Competitive players will delight in inter-club leagues and club championships while beginners of all ages and skill levels can take advantage of our professional tennis instructors.  If you're just looking for a lighthearted game, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the camaraderie of tennis without the competition. Social events are the trademark of our tennis program as players can step off the courts and enjoy laughter and drinks with friends at the tennis pavilion.

With over 450 active players, Worthington Hills has one of the largest state-of-the-art tennis complexes in the country club market.  Each season, more than 250 men and ladies enjoy being a part of the Greater Columbus Tennis Association leagues (GCTA) and over 100 children take part in our junior clinics, lessons and inter-club events.

Worthington Hills is also proud to say we have  Pickle Ball.  It is a combination of tennis, badminton, and table tennis.  The court is based on a badminton court and the rackets are made from wood or composit material.  New players are always welcome.

Platform Tennis

Platform tennis has been a part of our winter sports program for twenty-five years, and it grows every year.  We now have over 150 members who enjoy the lively Fall and Winter sport.  Whether you are interested in the competition of our traveling teams or just an easy afternoon with the children, platform tennis is a great sport.

The facilities at WHCC are among the best in the midwest and many regional tournaments have been played here.

In 2019 a new hut was built and the existing area was remodeled.

What a great way to get your winter exercise, by having a ball with your friends.

Each season there are clinics for new players. If you have ever played tennis, racquet ball, paddle ball, squash or similar sports, platform tennis is simple to pick up. Come out and join the fun. The pro shop has racquets to loan you while you are getting started.

What is Platform Tennis?

The court is a rectangle 44' long and 20' wide, laid out on a deck with a playing area 60' by 30' which is enclosed by a screen 12' high. The screen is held taut by a superstructure around the perimeter of the deck. Screens are made of 1" hexagonal galvanized or plastic coated wire mesh.

The ball is a rubber ball with yellow hue flocking, conforming to APTA specifications for diameter, weight, bounce and other standards. The paddle is 18 inches (max) in overall length. The paddle is perforated with a number (87 max) of 3/8 inch holes. The surface of the paddle may be slightly textured. There is only one serve in platform, and hitting the net on the serve is a fault. After the serve, each player must hit the ball to the green playing court, although it may hit any wall once before the next player must hit it. The play is similar to racquet ball after the serve. It's fast and fun. Plus... you are out of doors in the winter time.  Because of the pace of play, most players are shedding layers of clothing soon after warm-ups begin.


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world!! Worthington Hills has 10 pickleball courts.  Six of those courts are Pickleball Specific and located at our Pickleball Complex which is behind the pool.  The other four courts are on the first two hard tennis courts which are located closest to the parking lot.  Pickleball is played with a paddle and a whiffleball.  It combines the skills used in tennis, ping pong, and chess.  Pickleball can be enjoyed by player of all ages and all skill levels.  To find out more about our program at Worthington Hills, please email us at [email protected].