Golf Course Updates

The Greens and Fairways are healed from aerification.  We applied fertilizer to both of those areas and they are very healthy.  The fertilizer is going to help us  grow roots for the next golf season.

The Greens staff has been able to keep the golf course very playable with all of the leaves falling.  So far we have had very little impact from leaves on playability.  The next two weeks are the heavy leaf times.  Hopefully we can keep up with it and the course can stay somewhat dry.

Asphalt is being overlayed on some holes.  The plan is within the next 2 years to have all of our cart paths at 10 years old or newer.  Then we can look at sealing them to make them look uniform.

We have some areas in November that need some sod/plugs added to them.  Their is a few bare spots on 1 tee and  a few others and we might have a handfull of spots to add a cup cutter plug to on greens.  We want to have no bare spots going to 2021

After the golf season we have plans to deep clean our greens department shop, service equipment and limb up trees on the course.   
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