Golf Course Updates

The Greens Staff is hard at work with the heat.  The turf looks good except for some of the Poa Annua Grass on greens.  It is a little stressed but still healthy.  Poa annua is a winter annual, so it is not a plant that will  survive summer heat without water management and plant protectant sprays.  This is why we are out hand watering greens everyday.  We need to keep them dry to prevent root rot.  Our 2 assistant superintedents do an excellent job with the water management on greens.  If you see us out watering, please don't hit at us!  We will do our best to work in gaps in play, but sometimes we have a full course.  

This week we are focusing on edging sprinkler heads, weeding all flower beds and watering the golf course dry spots.  We do our best to keep the course dry. Our irrigtion system is not very precise and it is a challenge to keep everything at the same level of dryness.  For example our greens heads water the greens but also the approaches.  The greens dry out faster than the clay approaches.  Also the heads overlap and throw double the water in the middle of the fairways versus the edges.  We are always tweaking things to elimante any wet areas.  A good rain helps even everything out and gives us the deep watering.  Rain alows us to just supplement with real light waterings.  In long dry periods, we are watering more and the irrigation shows its flaws.

Green speeds may dip with the heat.  Saturday they were very yellow from the stress of mowing, rolling plus heat..  As they green back up and acclimate to the heat we will start pushing them again for speed.  

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